In the Church

Coming together as a community, building meaningful relationships and serving each other in times of need – the Caldwell family is built on these actions. Connecting and serving weave us tightly together during times of celebration, consolation and crisis. We show up for each other. Volunteer.
[tippy title=”Prayer” height=”130″ width=”400″]A prayer team, led by Rev. Veronica Rogers, offers daily prayer for the Caldwell community. If you have a prayer need, please contact Veronica or leave your information in the prayer request box in the back of the sanctuary. Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Visits” height=”130″ width=”400″]We visit people who are in the hospital and we take communion to people who aren’t able to join us for Sunday worship. Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Crisis Care” height=”130″ width=”400″]During times of crisis, Caldwell provides food, transportation and other assistance. In addition, funeral and bereavement assistance is available. Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Celebrations” height=”130″ width=”400″]The Caldwell community is also available for wedding facilitation, confirmation, christenings and other sacred celebrations. Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Ushers” height=”130″ width=”400″]Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Scripture Reading” height=”130″ width=”400″]Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Flowers” height=”130″ width=”400″]Donate flowers for our worship services. Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Vegetable Garden” height=”130″ width=”400″]Donate flowers for our worship services. Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Nursery” height=”130″ width=”400″] Volunteer. Nursery Child Information Form[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Godly Play” height=”130″ width=”400″] Volunteer.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Childrens  Sunday School” height=”130″ width=”400″] Volunteer.[/tippy]

God Invites. We Welcome. All.

“The entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”
Galatians 5:14

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