Meet the New Interns!

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Dear Caldwell,

We are truly blessed with two wonderful interns who specifically sought a chance to be on the Caldwell team this summer, starting today! Amy Speas and Kristen Roehrig both bring rich experience – in life and in church – and a specific desire to walk with you in your witness to the city and to each other.

Ever since our first intern arrived in 2009 (who later became The Rev. Veronica Rogers), one of God’s most persistent callings for Caldwell has been to serve as a teaching congregation, church and campus.  Amy and Kristen bring our total in 10 years to 14 interns (I think). I’m sure they have as much to teach us as we have to share. They already are diving in to support a range of ministries.

They introduce themselves below – please introduce yourselves to them, too.

Two quick things: If you are on the Caldwell Conversations Facebook page, why not wish member Janie Louns Happy Birthday as she turns 87 this week? Also, have you signed up for the Habitat for Humanity Build on June 3? Contact  Sheena Bossie



Kristen Roehrig

My name is Kristen Roehrig and I’m one of the new interns at Caldwell for the summer. I was born and raised in Charlotte and my home church is Covenant Presbyterian. I am a rising junior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Religion and Spanish and minoring in education.

During the school year in Chapel Hill I am involved with Presbyterian Campus Ministry and I intern with University Presbyterian Church. I’m really looking forward to my summer at Caldwell and getting to know everyone in the congregation! Among other things, I’ll be working with youth and children, Summer Nights at Caldwell, and Missions and Justice. You can reach me at


Amy Speas



Hello, my name is Amy Speas. In the fall, will enter my final year at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA pursuing a Master of Divinity.  After my formative years in Roanoke, Virginia, I earned a Business degree at Wake Forest University, and then moved to Greensboro for most of my adult life.  I worked at BB&T for 15 years followed by two at a small consulting company.  I spent the next 12 years consulting with corporations on their retirement plans, working with companies to improve their 401(k) and pension plans.  Since transitioning to seminary, I’ve recognized a deeply held passion for intercultural ministry. I now live in Decatur with two women from Korea and one from India in an intentional effort to learn from each other’s cultures.  My passion extends outside of the United States with a recent internship in South Africa, a trip to Ghana, and another trip to Ghana scheduled this summer.  I’m excited to intern at Caldwell this summer to share my gifts and learn more about intercultural ministry. Some of my areas of focus will be Discovery and Engagement, Summer Nights at Caldwell, teaching and pastoral care. You can reach me at


“What if?” Concepts and Creative Prototypes

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Brent Johnson, a member of the team that imagined Caldwell as a 'lighthouse," explains their prototype. Look below for video link.

Brent Johnson, a member of the team that imagined Caldwell as a “lighthouse,” explains their prototype. Look below for video link.

Dear Caldwell,

Last Friday and Saturday, a diverse group of Caldwell members, educators, housing experts and non-profit agency leaders spent two mornings in an idea-design workshop facilitated by the firm Faster-Glass Consulting. Our goal was to start with “what if” and brainstorm ways to use our campus to serve our needs as well as our city’s.

Three ideas emerged and teams were invited to create “prototypes” of their ideas, using things like Lego people and blocks, pipe cleaners, fabrics and other ways to communicate what the teams had in mind. Team members recorded short videos (below) to explain what the prototypes represent.

Keep in mind that these ideas were developed with no limits in side-by-side groups. So, it’s not surprising that the ideas overlap and do not reflect the restrictions that will inevitably come into play later in the process.

For now, as invited by the Belk Gambrell family, these teams were dreaming big, “what if …?” dreams. For more on all of this, feel free to drop by Belk Hall after worship this Sunday for an informal overview and to ask any questions.

As we have stated repeatedly, all ideas and input are welcome!!  Our team leader is Gina Shell at Here’s the link. You may need to turn the volume up.

In Christ,



Preparing A Place

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Welcome new members (left to right(: Jenni Reaves and Devin Anderson; Sarah Johnson and Marsha Carter.

Welcome new members (left to right): Jenni Reaves and Devin Anderson; Sarah Johnson and Marsha Carter.

Dear Caldwell,

On Sunday, we will hear Christ’s words, “I go to prepare a place for you.” In the ever-dynamic “place” that is Caldwell, prepared for us by God to share with others, it’s been another busy and abundant week. Several important updates:

The Third Place Temporarily Closing

After flooding damage last week, Caldwell and our partners at QC Family Tree have decided to close temporarily the coffee shop aspect of The Third Place for repairs and what you might call a “reboot.” We’ve learned a lot in this experiment in “kingdom enterprise.” We intend to enhance the concept, menu and space and reopen this summer. PLEASE NOTE that the space is still available for private events, which has been a very successful aspect of this ministry – a place for all sorts of groups to gather across difference. Stay tuned for more details and help us spread the word that The Third Place still has a bright future after these improvements.

Georgia Mae Harding, already offering praise (or waving hello to her Caldwell family)!

Georgia Mae Harding, already offering praise (or waving hello to her Caldwell family)!

Welcome New Members of All Ages

We welcomed four new members Sunday and will celebrate them Sunday (see photo). Please introduce yourself the first chance you get. Also, why not join us for Newcomers Lunch this Sunday after church at Hawthorne’s Pizza?

Speaking of new members, there is a mini baby boom underway at Caldwell. Georgia Mae Harding is doing well at home with mom and dad, Tyler and Pat. This Sunday, we get to baptize Fiona Craton, daughter of Emily and Tim. And we are delighted to welcome into the Caldwell family the newborn daughter of Michael Luther and  Chris White, Sadie Michaela.

Sunday: Hitting Rewind

Our trip this week from Sunday to Sunday moves us from dreaming ahead last Sunday to hitting rewind this Sunday. We start a three-part series on Jesus’ Farewell Discourse in the Gospel of John this Sunday. Scripture is John 14:1-14. In this season of Eastertide, these passages give us a chance to “meet” Jesus all over again as Jesus explains just who he is. It’s like hitting rewind – a chance to back and listen again to how God in Christ made his identity clear to his followers, according to John’s gospel. This series takes us all the way to Pentecost.

Big Dreams

If you didn’t have a chance to read the recap of the important congregational conversation last Sunday, you can find it here. God is on the move and going ahead of us, as always, preparing a place of welcome, healing and empowerment for us to imagine. What an enormous blessing and exciting possibility for this part of the body of Christ thanks to old friends of this old church.

Watch for Caldwell This Week.

In Christ, John