Caldwell’s Nursery

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We warmly welcome your child to Caldwell’s Nursery and or Toddler room. In order to better serve you and your children we are requesting that you look over the following information. These guidelines are part of a greater effort to create a consistent and safe space during the worship hour. Please follow to the best of your ability. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Please keep your cell phone on and on vibrate mode in case we need to communicate with you during the church service

  • Nursery Child Information Form: If you are a parent or guardian of a toddler or infant who will be staying in the nursery, please print and fill this out before you come on Sunday, it will be kept on file. If you are not able, there will be plenty available to be filled out on Sunday morning, maybe arrive a few minutes earlier.
  • Nursery Logbook: There is a three ring binder in the nursery that will have a page to be filled out at each service. Please let me know if you have any questions surrounding the logbook.
  • In the unlikely event of fire, our emergency evacuation plan is that we will take your child to the sidewalk in front of the church. Meet your child there, instead of reentering the building!
  • Please provide a snack and drink for your child. A snack will not be provided. Drinking water will be provided.
  • Please do not leave any snacks with nuts or nut products.
  • Please follow directions for drop-off and pick-up, guided by nursery childcare provider
  • Upon arrival and leaving, please help your child to use the disinfectant on their hands.
  • If your child has been ill or had a fever within the last 24 hours they should not be left in the nursery

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our efforts to show the love of Christ in everyway we serve your family.


Caroline Cheek Lublinkhof
Chair of Youth Education and Spiritual Formation