Caldwell In 3D

A Season to Discuss, Discern, and Dream

(The Future in 3D)

Caldwell Presbyterian just passed the 100-year mark. We had much to celebrate. And much to ponder. We paused to learn more about our history. And now, recharged, we take on our future.

The Session has developed an approach that will encourage all of us to discover together where God will have us to go, what God will have us to do, as a community of faith.

The process is called “3D”, because it will call us to

Discern God’s  mission for us in the world.
Discuss in small groups our individual and collective insights.
Dream, together, about what Caldwell Church will be and do in the coming years.

From our mission statement we have pulled two key concepts that describe the primary call or intent of Caldwell today:

  • To be Missional
  • To be Transformational

These two concepts should inform all of our discussions, discernment, and dreams. They are the “lenses” through which we can view our discussions and decisions.

We invite our congregation to explore what it means to be a missional church. Below is a great video resource from the website Missional Church Network.

On the Missional Church Network’s “Videos” page, you will see a list of 18 videos on missional issues. Five of these videos will be particularly useful in preparing us for our 3D discussions.

We suggest that they be viewed in the following order (Click on the links below to go directly to the videos):

Tim Keller on Missional Church
Scot McKnight Video
Michael Frost on the Purpose of the Church
Reggie McNeal Video
What is Missional Church? Craig Van Gelder

 The Missional Church, by Tim Keller

Initiative – Generic Proposal

God Invites. We Welcome. All.